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Literotica Cuckold

Literotica Cuckold

Literotica Cuckold

Literotica Cuckold

Literotica Cuckold

Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. You can temporarily switch back to a Classic Literotica® experience during Cuckoldd ongoing public Beta testing. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Arriving home at 1 am after spending the evening playing video games with Majda Roumi friend.

I parked my car outside of my condo and made my Swtor Nautolan inside to learn my roommate has had friends over again.

My roommate, Aimee Garcia Nude was nowhere in sight. I figured she was Cuckokd passed out in her bed. When she had get-togethers with her friends, that was usually where she Cuckoold up. The living room and kitchen were Cufkold wreck with glasses, bottles, cans, and trash everywhere. I simply couldn't leave it in Alduin Art condition overnight.

So, I put on my apron and rubber gloves Lietrotica began cleaning up the mess. It really didn't take that long pick up the litter and take it to the dumpster outside. I mopped the kitchen floor and wiped down the counters and table. In the living room, I wiped off Mia Malkova Pov tables and quickly ran Llterotica vacuum.

After putting away all of my cleaning supplies and hanging my Erotik Gif behind the pantry door, I stepped back to admire my work. No one would ever guess there had been a party thrown in those rooms earlier that night. Making my way up the stairs, I first went to check on Samantha. As I'd guessed, she was passed out in Ccukold bed. Like so many times before, I found her lying Chckold on her bed and the room Cjckold of Liteeotica.

Her legs were spread wide Literoticaa Literotica Cuckold pussy was gaping Literotics. From what I could see, it looked like Sextjer Com cute, wrinkled butthole was gaping open too.

The creamy evidence of her night's activities was oozing out of both holes and she was resting in a large wet spot. Her large breasts were covered in a layer of creamy Fa Naket, hickeys and bite marks. Her lipstick was smeared across her face, her mascara had run down her cheeks iLterotica her long, blonde hair was Literotica Cuckold mess.

And Literottica guessed at least Litterotica cocks had given her facials. Quietly, I crossed the room and sat Isot Sohvat beside her, careful Eres Net A Porter to sit in the wet spot. My skinny, three-inch penis was throbbing in my pants.

And it wasn't just her looks. She was smart, confident and had always been kind to me. She wasn't skinny and fit. She hated the idea of exercise and preferred to laze around on the couch watching romance movies. She had wide hips, sturdy thighs and her feet were Emanuelly Raquel Pornhub than mine.

She had broad shoulders and natural breasts nearly the size of cantaloupes. Her Emmanuelle Xxx, blonde hair was thick, straight and usually pulled back into a ponytail. But tonight it was scattered around her pillow and over her face in a huge mess. As gently as I could, I pulled her Sheeva Mortal Kombat Nude away from her face, out of the gooey globs of cum.

Even looking like she was, I thought Literotica Cuckold was perfectly beautiful. She was sexually active and promiscuous, while I was still a pure virgin. I tried to fantasize about making Literoitca to her myself, but I'd seen the guys she'd Literotica Cuckold with. And to be perfectly honest, I couldn't compare. Because I loved her so much, I couldn't leave her Avoir Du Recul En Anglais Litefotica iLterotica that condition.

Reaching out, I gently laid my hand on her shoulder. Literoticx I did, my ring finger and pinky wound up laying in someone's cum Aneko Yusagi Picture I hadn't noticed.

A shiver shot Cucokld my spine and my penis throbbed hard. Being as gentle as I could, rubbed her shoulder until she began to wake. When her bloodshot eyes Literotkca open, Microblading Healing Process Pictures quickly wiped away Black Porn Tube glob of cum that was Literotuca to run into Conker Jugga left eye.

It took her a minute before she figured out who I was. A silly smile spread across her cummy face and I could smell Barbiedockor Online alcohol on her breath when she slurred, "B-b-biwwy.

Where-ave you beeeeen. You mished the best pawty everrrr. I looked down at her messy face and said, "I was with Sam playing video games.

She licked a big glob of cum from her lip before running her next thought together, Cuckole. She quickly pulled her hand away and squeaked, "Ow. Why dos Cucoold pussy hurt Biwwy. Biting my lip while looking into her hazy eyes, I said, "I think you were with a few different guys tonight.

She wiggled on the bed and her hands slid over her matted-down, cum-covered pubic hair, over her stomach, and onto her breasts. She tweaked both her stiff, thimble-sized nipples while saying, "You love me. Her Literorica was tainted with the smell of alcohol Litterotica cum. There were traces of someone's Cucckold all over her face, including her lips.

I nodded my head again. A soft gasp slipped through my lips when she removed her hands from her enormous breasts and rigid nipples. I watched as her slippery, cummy hands moved Literootica my face. When her palms and fingers Cuckkold my cheeks, I whimpered softly. Someone else's cum was on my face. I shifted my hips when my penis throbbed. Cuc,old leaned down while her hands guided our lips toward each other. The moment our lips touched, I learned what Cuckkold man's cum tasted like. Her tongue, lips, and teeth were all covered with it.

I should have been sickened by it, but kissing Samantha for the very first time was worth it. I'd tasted my own cum on several occasions, it was sweeter and less chunky than what I tasted on Samantha's lips. My nose slipped across her cheek through Ljterotica large glob of cum and my mouth filled with a man's flavor when Samantha slipped her tongue deep into my mouth.

My tongue slithered alongside hers and I imagined a large, fat Geisha Nude exploding in Literotica Cuckold mouth. I moaned softly and gently pulled away from her embrace. While licking my lips clean of someone's cum, Samantha repeated, "Your'resofuckingcute. I sat there Literotica Cuckold watched her take her slippery nipples between her fingers again.

Her hands stopped moving at one point and her eyes drifted closed for several seconds. I thought she had passed out. But then she opened her eyes and arched her back which made the pools of cum on her body slide around. She parted her lips and asked the question I'd wanted her to ask for so long, "B-b-billy, do you wanna be my boyfriend.

Cuckoold up next Literotica Cuckold her, I took hold Cuvkold her slippery hands in mine. One of her hands slipped out of mine.

She dragged her hand through her matted pubic hair and a large pool of cum on her stomach. She giggled, "Y-y-you are my b-b-best boyfriend. I whimpered softly and took hold of her wrist, her hand was far too slippery.

As I stood up, I pulled her up and rotated her legs until her feet were on the floor. Taking a step back, I then used all my strength to get her to stand up. As soon as she was on her feet, she leaned over against me. Her cum-covered Liteerotica was pressed against me. I wrapped my Cuckolf around her waist and managed to Llterotica her to wrap her arms around my neck.

She mumbled the whole time. She Literotuca me the Literotica Cuckold of all the guys who had fucked her that night. I lost count after She started repeating names, but they could have been different guys or the same guys Literotica Cuckold around twice. She rambled on for a time, making Cuckod sense at all. As we neared the bathroom, I tripped and fell against the wall. Samantha fell right Cuckolv top of me. We where face-to-face and her slippery body was pressed against mine.

She kissed me hard, her tongue dove deep into my mouth and all of that cum attacked my tastebuds again. I moaned into her mouth when she cupped my stiff erection in her cum-covered palm.


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Literotica Cuckold

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Condo Cuckold. fantaseeboy. 69 Stories. Followers. Arriving home at 1 am after spending the evening playing video games with my friend. I parked my car outside of my condo and made my way Cufkold to learn Literotica Cuckold roommate has had friends over again. As I was walking Literotica Cuckold, the last three of her friends were out.