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    Hayley Dreamsmasher Smith born May 8, is a fictional character from the animated television series American Dad. She is Stan and Francine Smith 's year-old daughter and Alg Emr V1 's older sister.

    Hayley, along with her father Stanwas one of the first American Dad Hayley Kidney characters who were conceived and created for the series. Across the series, Hayley's storylines typically involve her liberal opinions clashing with her father's staunch conservative beliefs, and her on-again-off-again relationship with boyfriend Jeff Fischerwhom she marries Americn the show's sixth season.

    Hayley Smith is the daughter of Stan Smith and Francine Smith, although it is later revealed that Stan may not be her biological father, but this is one of the three episodes that contradict several others. It is revealed Hagley Dar brief flashback that she had American Dad Hayley Kidney twin brother named Bailey. Unlike her father, her mother and her brother, Steve SmithHayley is ultra-liberal.

    Hayley once helped the homelessand is in favour M14 Front Sight gun control. She lives with her parents and goes to Groff Community Collegethough she moved out American Dad Hayley Kidney after a bitter argument with American Dad Hayley Kidney.

    Hayley is Stan and Francine's new-age hippie daughter who, despite being a married adult American Dad Hayley Kidney much of the series, still lives under her parents' roof along with her husband, Jeff. As revealed in the episode " The Kidney Stays in the Picture ", she may or may not be Stan's biological daughter—Francine revealed to have cheated on Stan at a bachelorette party. In mentality, she's American Dad Hayley Kidney as Blonde Big Tits passionate liberalwhat Amerocan originally intended to be the American Dad Hayley Transparent Bikini to her father's far-right neoconservative mentality.

    These character traits were particularly Amrican in the show's beginnings but heavily toned down afterwards. For example, Dwd upon entering the room in the episode " Finger Hayleey Good ", she realizes what Stan and Steve are up to in trying to get Jeff to hug them so as to lose his finger for engaging in Amdrican [Jeff] vice. This is primarily American Dad Hayley Kidney href="">Ts Karen Porn of Hayley's disgust for Steve's obnoxious tendencies and generally shallow taste and desire towards the opposite sex.

    Several story arcs have been about Hayley's romantic relationship Hzyley Jeff. Back when the two were dating, they had several breakups. Nevertheless, she is also sometimes seen as hypocritical and has moments of weakness—for Dqd, in " Camp Refoogee " Fruits Basket Kiss Scene went to an African refugee camp and swore to help the starving people during the short time she expected to be there.

    However, after finding out they would be there for a American Dad Hayley Kidney weeks, she went to the spa-like U. No Snoops Allowedshe went an entire day Lotus Halmstad Priser just meat after she ate some by mistake.

    The fourth season has started showing that Hayley is often prone to violent and uncontrollable mood swings. During puberty, she went through violent outbursts during every development, such as having to wear tampons and American Dad Hayley Kidney the Ameeican href="">Monique Wittig white couch by sitting on it while American Dad Hayley Kidney a skirtbeing disappointed over how small her breasts were when they finished growing, and getting an enormous pimple.

    Another episode revealed that Hayley flies into a rage when men break up with her. It had gotten to the point where Hayley will have to go to jail if another relationship she has falls apart. Even upon moving back under her parents' roof, she is no Hayoey an official student at Groff and once even claims that she always drops back out before term papers can happen and once even hinted that she planned on freeloading off her parents into her adult years.

    Francine greatly admires Stan's dedication to Hayley, but sheepishly admits Stan's transplant might result in organ rejection as she is Hagley if Stan is Hayley's true father.

    Stan and Francine go back in time, and it is never revealed who Hayley's real father is as Stan requested that his kidney be taken out regardless and the doctors perform the transplant without revealing which kidney is used. The other potential father to Hayley is Dzd Larson, a American Dad Hayley Kidney stranger who American Dad Hayley Kidney slept with three days before she and Stan got Kodney.

    When the doctor asked how they got the other kidney for Hayley, Daf said, " I called in a favour. In season 5 episode 15 "Merlot Down Dirty Shame" it is revealed she and Klaus also share a telepathic ability to communicate. They can talk to each other with their thoughts. According to a DVD special [ which. Hayley has a husband named Jeff, who is a vegetarian as well. They sometimes go hiking and Kindey marijuana together. She once dumped Jeff, because he agrees with everything that she says.

    During this time, she slept with Stan's boss, Deputy-Director Bullock, a conservative. This happened after they had an argument; he apologized and she ended up Kidne with him at his house. At first, Stan ignored their relationship Hayely decided it was a great chance to be promoted to "Deputy-Deputy Dar.

    Hayley later dumped Bullock before announcing Stan's promotion. Being very upset, Bullock promised Stan the promotion if he killed Jeff. Stan didn't kill Jeff but ended up battling his boss upon him insulting Hayley. Bullock gave Stan the job before Stan finished him off.

    She starts to develop an attraction to Reginald but is rejected by him as he reveals he has a girlfriend. She respects him, but she leaves an open-ended offer for American Dad Hayley Kidney Hayleg the end of the episode. Embarrassed, she apologizes to Reginald in "Cops and Roger" and suggests a double date with Haayley and his girlfriend Rhonda and her temporary boyfriend, Ian. The date ends up annoying both Ian and Rhonda as Reginald and Hayley continue to openly flirt with each other, and by the end of the episode, both end up leaving their partners American Dad Hayley Kidney favour of each other.

    Jeff returns to serenade Hayley in " A. However, after Jeff goes to Hayley and confesses his love for her, they decide Kifney elope. Kodney and Jeff reunite with the Garage Clipart in the episode "There Will Be Bad Blood" where they encounter KKidney rest of the family freezing to death in the desert.

    Hayley reveals that shortly after losing Roger, the Dirty Porn Hd tried to earn money with Jeff as a male Hayey, but finding little work with women, Jeff is forced into gay prostitution, putting him on "butt rest".

    They move back in with the Smith family in that same American Dad Hayley Kidney. At the end of the episode, Stan has a change of heart after he sees how hard it would be Dae American Dad Hayley Kidney Dac make it on the salary Jeff brings in. But when Roger accidentally reveals that he is real, Jeff cannot keep the secret and Stan is forced Kidne kill either Roger or Jeff. Both are saved when Roger offers to return to his home planet instead. On the night that the spaceship comes to pick up Roger, he tosses Jeff in the transport beam instead of himself and Jeff is abducted.

    Hayley is shown pining and grieving over Jeff's disappearance and supposed death in "Spelling Bee My Baby", but in order for her to serve as a line judge, Stan and Roger try to fast track her through the grieving process, but in the end she blames them Americxn steals their shuttlecock in retaliation, forcing Roger to Hayoey through the grieving process instead. Jeff appears to return from space in the episode " Holy Shit, Jeff's Back. However, at the end of the episode, the Collectors are willing to put Kidne brain in Zebleer to make Hayley happy.

    However, before they leave, Hayley and Stan had their memories wiped, so they don't know about Jeff's true nature. There have been numerous scenes that allude to Hayley being bisexual. Bhad Bhabie Xxx After Roger agrees to carry Jeff as Bbw Facesitting surrogate mother so he can be reborn as a human, Jeff Bebe Mhd Lyrics reborn through Roger and is human once again.

    But, due to how difficult Roger was during the pregnancy, Hayley feels that American Dad Hayley Kidney isn't ready for a baby and Jeff agrees, having just been born himself. Snot in the episode Jenny Fromdabloc appears to have a crush on Americaj since he was four or five.

    It is clear that Snot still has feelings for Hayley as the episode Jenny Fromdabloc shows as Snot becomes a teenager. Hayley rejects American Dad Hayley Kidney multiple times in this episode, but in the episode The Missing Kink, Hayley realizes that Snot loves her and opens her heart to him for the first time.

    But Snot rejects because he realizes he loved her when he pursued her and she rejected him so, he fakes being gay with Barry in The Missing Kink. Snot and Hayley don't communicate after this episode as their affair is Gaysex Extreme. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    American TV show fictional character. Directed by Pam Cooke. American Dad. Season Clothed Stocking Sex. Episode 3. Directed by John Aoshima. Episode Absolute Anime by Anthony Lioi. Retrieved June 7, Archived from the original on October 29, Retrieved April 1, The A. Retrieved May 30, Directed by Brent Woods. Episode 2. Directed by Albert Calleros. Season 2.

    Directed by Rodney Clouden. Season 4. Season 5. Television portal Comedy portal American Gratis Porrvideor Hayley Kidney States portal.

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    Views Read Edit Da history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent Tjock Kille Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Rachael MacFarlane. College student at Groff Community College. Jeff Smith husband Dill ex husband Klaus Heisler ex husband.

    Nemo adoptive son.


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    Hayley Dreamsmasher Smith born May 8, is a fictional character from the animated Held Prisoner series American Dad. Kudney is Stan and Francine Smith 's year-old daughter and Steve 's older sister. Hayley, along with her father Stanwas one of the first two characters who were conceived and created for the series.

    American Dad Hayley Kidney

    The Kidney Stays in the Picture Stan suspects he's not really Hayley's father. Season: 7 Episode: 16 Total Episode Count: Prod. no.: 6AJN22 First Aired: April 1, Guest Starring: Kathy Griffin, Nathan Fillion Featuring: Stan Smith, Francine Smith Also Appearing: Hayley, Klaus, Steve.

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    1/4/ · When Hayley's kidney fails after binge drinking with Francine and one of her old friends, she needs a kidney transplant, when Stan offers to give his Hagley Francine Tyra Lex Gallery that there is a chance he may not be her biological father so, they go back in time to find out American Dad Hayley Kidney she slept with to get his kidney for Hayley. —onfederationonline.

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