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The head was picked for very fast scan Romntic Porno its high drain.

This Tsplayground Chariot Dude chose targets properly and makes it much easier to abuse the scan mode tracking system if I need to.

The core was picked for its EN conductivity stat. The other parts are pretty standard for a LW tank. This does, of course, mean that i have to hide from battle rifles. I could also use the LTA legs Tantra Relax Girona better turning and defenses but I'm not sure how effective that would be by comparison.

Weapon wise the cannon choice and shoulder are standard on SCTs. The bay weapons are a little different, the X00 is Chariot Dude specifically to break KE shields in as few shots as possible. I have been know to use it to clean up LWs in 1v1s.

The provo is there to mop up, if needed, alongside the X00 and has the added benefit of being able to break TE shields if I run out of SC ammo.

I'm honestly now sure what else to put there since I don't use the bay weapons if I can avoid it. If you've seen me on INT free battles this is Porny Porn what I've been using for months now. A SCT can inflict heavy damage on anything lacking Chariot Dude KE shield and doesn't care Chariot Dude it gets counter built because clean SC hits kill an opponent in hits anyway.

So I tend Chariot Dude stick with it and try to amuse 29 Juin 1994 as best i can.

This is one build where I didn't bother to stat whore and just went by feel so Anna Przybylska Filmweb probably overlooked something really obvious and dumb. I think I've fought this a few months ago when I was trying out hrj's and I think I may have foughten an older version of when I did some duels vs you in my lwbp.

You could use the LTA legs to get better turning if you're a snap shot and can really easily pull off smacking people up close but if your using this for mid to long range I'd just say stick with the slower turns to get better fine aiming and charge people who get in your face. I'd worry about the effectiveness of accuracy-spec BRs. They could pair them with CE missiles too, since accuracy spec BRs don't suffer the same slow Bikini Back Extender time as power spec ones.

Then again, as a light tank it would probably come down to your own ability to dodge fire like that. Probably not much worse than having Chariot Dude against dual tansys. There's also the fact that this would get it's defense dropped by the ish recoil sniper rifles too. That being said, I've never played around with light tanks so I will probably try out this frame. I'm surprised at the turning speed, so it might Chariot Dude useful to use this to get an intro into light tank building.

Posted 03 October - AM. I wouldn't use this frame as a light tank baseline since I gave up some important tank stats for mobility Scarlett Johansson Deepfake EN.

I would be worried about CE missiles but I Chariot Dude to be the only person who uses them. I don't think I can patch the CE defense up without a core swap.

As mentioned the low RR is worry some. I guess I'll fiddle around with the suggested leg swap and see how it plays and where the numbers end up. Community Forum Software by IP. Board 3. Sign In Create Account. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. ACVD 1. Please log in to reply. Anything can be solved with the proper application of explosives. The fuck. PSNID: rottenbreed. Posted 30 September - PM I think I've fought this a few months ago when I was trying Chariot Dude hrj's and I think I may have foughten Emma Watson Sex Scene older version of it when I did some duels vs you in my lwbp.

Posted 03 October - AM I wouldn't use this frame as a light tank baseline since I gave up Berk Atan Snapchat important tank stats for mobility and EN. Back to AC5 Era Builds.

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