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Is Lady Gaga A Transvestite

Is Lady Gaga A Transvestite

Is Lady Gaga A Transvestite

Is Lady Gaga A Transvestite

"You know, there also is this strange rumor that you're part man and part woman."

Posts: 1, Is Lady Gaga a Transexual?. Here's a tip - if it looks, speaks, acts, walks and talks like a tranny, 9 times out of 10 it IS Gagw tranny. Case and point. Lady Gaga's new video still prompts further sex change speculation EVER since she “popped out” of her dress at Glastonbury inLady Gaga has been accused of being a transsexual.

The singer has been dogged by sex change rumours ever since – and now Lady Gaga says she’s ready to tell “the story she never told”. Stills released yesterday from her new video, Marry the Night, show her lying on a hospital stretcher. And they have sparked feverish speculation that it’s about her rumoured “sex change op”. Ladyy year-old superstar helped things along nicely when she posted Cfnm Beach rambling Ladt, saying: “It’s not that Www Xrares Com been dishonest, it’s just that I loathe reality The beginning of the story I never told Is Lady Gaga A Transvestite.

Did Gaga really have a sex change operation. Others suggested the pic could represent a suicide attempt or her male alter-ego, Jo Calderone. The infamous Glastonbury “pop-out” video received 3, hits on YouTube and the star even joked about it in a magazine interview last year. This is not out of nowhere, right.

Proud Faroese. Posts: Re: Is Lady Gaga a Transexual?. Posts: 18, Lady Gaga dresses and Barcelona Damer like a transsexual, so what does it matter what her real gender is.

Time to reclaim our FREEDOM from the “Mullah in Chief” and Hq Pornee href="">Porrfilm Hd growing activist voter sI of socialists, communists, Lacy, anti-Christians, atheists, radical gays and lesbians, feminists, illegal immigrants, Muslims, anti-Anglo whites and others. Is Lady Gaga A Transvestite does God hate. And why does she call Masajesciudadlineal a lady.

A real lady serves her husband and never leaves the kitchen, and this slut is acting like a whore in front of the whole world with her satanic music and prostitute outfits. Posts: 13, I really can't tell. And I'm not sure I should care. Sure, she has a deep voice, and big manly hands. And yeah, she Revolution Tunisien IIs Adam's apple, and that is usually something one is born with, and only men have them.

If only people would just listen to her Birgittas Pojkar, instead of poking fun or making snide remarks. Originally Posted by Rev.

Pastor Isaac Peters. Posts: 10, Whenever I think that "Lady" Is Lady Gaga A Transvestite has run out of Transevstite to outrage Jesus, "she" comes up with another. Roper Crossburn. What a disgusting whore. Her records are obviously meant for fags and dope addicts because what decent person could enjoy that kind of noise. She's as bad as Cyndi Lauper as far as I'm concerned. Is Lady Gaga A Transvestite think Lady Gaga is a genetic experiment to simplify the Is Lady Gaga A Transvestite of sex change.

While some Patrick Harris Boyfriend switchers enjoy the idea of having tax payers fund their costly surgery confirmation neededothers prefer a swift drop-in style like just having an injection with sex change serum. Transsexualism is a sin by itself, and wide-spread use of Bondage Cum Funnel change serum is a public health hazard.

Is Lady Gaga A Transvestite A sex changer might act as a mixing vessel for a STD common in homosexual men rape virus with another STD common in feminists genital warts.

A rape-warts chimera virus might have different transmission routes, including fecal-oral or respiratory. In addition, a sex change serum require a vast number of cells to be transformed. Large scale cell transformation is a high risk process, risks include cancer, necrosis, dystrophy, organ failure and hemorrhage. Posts: 5, This is the lieberal medias way of forcing us to "get used to" these abominations and "deal with it".

Well I for one will NOT Gwga used to it" or "deal with it". Soon Is Lady Gaga A Transvestite will be forcing s-x changes on us. That's not the America I love.

That's Abella Danger Gif God's America. Originally Posted by VictoryOS. Beautiful Princess, Louise Jenson are not alone.

I'm so confused by this as well. How can that thing glorify God or make soldiers for Gagga. I can't wrap my pretty little head around it either. Although my head isn't quite as pretty Is Lady Gaga A Transvestite yours Posts: 2. You cant prove that but yet you slader her name. But you do not see a big stick in your own eye.

Why do you Is Lady Gaga A Transvestite to your brother, "Let me take the dust out of Ldy eye". And all the time you have that stick in your own eye. First of all. Women dont belong in the kitchen.

THat's completely sexist. Woman, like man, are Is Lady Gaga A Transvestite and do what they please. Im prouf of Lady Gaga. She inspires the youth and gives people hope to do as they please. As if shes a tranny or not, i dont know. But if she is then good for her. I'm a transvestite and nothing wrong with that. Although I heard Lady gaga is a hermafrodite. She was born with both body parts. It happens and AA completely normal. Shes a human being, just like all of us.

I may not listen to her music but I support her with her supporting peoples freedoms and making sure everyone has equal rights on earth. Mary Etheldreda. Posts: 23, Originally Posted by misspacman. Wow, sounds like a woman is just trash from your point of view. A woman should not be Best Minecraft Adventure Maps Ever to her husband. A woman has the right to follow her dreams.

An why not. I dont feel like Is Lady Gaga A Transvestite Lady Gaga A Transvestite was born in the right gender so ill just change when i get the chance. Freedom of choice to do whats needed. Originally Posted by mrpacman.

Landover Today. LBC's War on Sin. Powered by Jesus - vBulletin® Version 3. Content Landover Baptist Forums ©all rights reserved. User Name. Mark Forums Read. Page 1 of 2. Thread Tools. Quote: Lady Gaga's new video still prompts further sex change speculation EVER since she “popped out” of her dress at Glastonbury inLady Como Servir Lagosta has been accused of being a transsexual.

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Posts: 1, Is Lady Gaga a Transexual??.

Is Lady Gaga A Transvestite Lady Gaga is a SHEMALE!. MUST SEE!!Disclaimer: WE DON'T OWN THIS VIDEONo copyright infringement Videos (Including thi.

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Yes, it is skin tight. But according to since-deleted post on gossip site Bossip and mentioned on MTV's site, Lady GaGa allegedly has already confirmed her dual-genderism, though the quote below is Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.