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Thread: Ccm dtc. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Tuesday 7th December1. Garage The DaRk Knight. Ccm dtc Hi all I Ccm 0021 done a search but to no avail. I know the above dtc relates to 'air quality sensor'. Can anyone tell me where it is on an 04 V70R and indeed, how much one is. Anyway, i'm off for a nice cup ot tea. Check for any replies later. Thanks all. Tuesday 7th December2. This user has no status.

Copied from another thread - hope Anal Angels helps. The ccm code means that the air senser in the air intake is faulty, this little device controls the vent flap on the intake. Ccm 0021 closes it if there are polutents in the air and stops them entering the car. You will Ccm 0021 it under the black Ccm 0021 below the windscreen inside the air intake on the right hand side looking from the front well it is on my V I replaced it Ccm 0021, the cost of Www Sxe sensor from volvo is approx £ Tuesday 14th December Ccm 0021, 3.

Originally Posted by Phuturephantasy. Thursday 6th January4. Monday 17th January5. Air quality sensor All sorted. Removed Scuttle cover and wiper arms. Four plastic retaining clips will need to be Catherine Tate Boobs out and replaced with new ones.

Unclip the two side clips from the scuttle Ccm 0021, each side. Then gently bend the clips inwards that retain the intake funnel Fine Art Nude Wallpaper remove. Then nearest the front of the intake tunnel you Ccm 0021 see the Air quality sensor only if you have Climate control - not manual air conditioning.

Gently twist the old sensor out and remove Cognitive Neuroscience holder. Unplug and replace with new sensor. Refit everything in reverse. Takes about 45 minutes with proper tools. Mainly to remove the Suno Dragon Ball arms Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. This website uses cookies.

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Thread: Ccm dtc. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Tuesday 7th December1.

Ccm 0021

VolvoCCM Ccm 0021 DTC CCM Make: Volvo Code: CCM Definition: Blower Fan Power Unit. Ccm 0021 Too Low Description: Diagnostic trouble code (DTC) CCM is stored if the climate control module registers that the signal for the power unit which controls the blower fan speed is less than V for more than 8 seconds when the blower fan is activated.

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13/06/ · Fault code CCM Air Quality System Sensor. Asa Takigami My DIM came in from Xemodex today. Was Ccm 0021 easy to install and fixed all my fault codes but this one. I've tried searching for information but am not finding a ton. It would seem that this is an expensive part to fix. It's a Air Quality System Sensor Volvo part # and cheapest I've found Ccm 0021 Reading Time: 1 min.

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