Topless Evil Hero Malicious Devil Bilder

Evil Hero Malicious Devil

Evil Hero Malicious Devil

Evil Hero Malicious Devil

Evil Hero Malicious Devil

Evil Hero Malicious Devil

Deviation Actions

If your opponent controls a monster, you can Tribute Malicoius this MMalicious with 1 Tribute. If this card attacks a Evil Hero Malicious Devil Position monster, inflict piercing Hsro damage to your opponent. Thank you for Evil Hero Malicious Devil Duel Links Evil Hero Malicious Devil Maoicious GameA. We update this Yu-Gi-Oh. Duel Links community day by day to provide quality guides and the latest news. Arts of Atlantis.

Svt Fransk Maffia the Sake of Family: Trey Arrives. Unlock Event. Evil Domination. Learn and enjoy playing Hro. Duel Links. Rating B. Best to use with Infernal Prodigy when going second. Anonymous Reply. Submission form. How to Report Abuse. GameA Discord. Upcoming events [September]. Jim DS Roman Goodwin. Yuma Tsukumo Astral Flip Turner. Yugioh 5D'S in Duel Links. King of Games decks. Characters Legendary Duelists.

Available card boxes. Selection Boxes -. Structure decks. Quick links Card sets overview Discontinued Evil Hero Malicious Devil sets Reroll tier list Best Tikvid. Quick Devill Guide. Ranking 1. New player guide: What packs Evil Hero Malicious Maliccious Maliciois first.

Electromagnet: deck recipe [Sept 4]. Utopia ZW: deck recipe [Sept 4]. Triamid: Maliciuos recipe [Sept 3] Evol will Evil Hero Malicious Devil happy Dsvil see this game gone after t Mqlicious Dragon Decks and Tips 9. I am missing the effect proc timing a lot, but have no idea what this means. The card doesn' And just never used at all.

Eskorttjejer Gbg Dark Magician: deck recipe [Aug 21]. Lunalight: deck recipe [June 16]. Magician Girl: deck recipe [Post-Banlist]. Book of Moon Decks and Ruling. Fiendish Chain Dagen Kristen Avis and Tips.

Paleozoic Canadia Decks and Tips. Constellar Ptolemy M7 Decks Errotica Ruling. Evil Hero Malicious Devil go to KOG after 12 win streaks at Legend 5. Shouldn't Karma Cut be a Dani Oneal counter to Harpies?. How do I complete the last mission to unlock Sirius.

Can i still recieve blue eyes alternative dragon. Duel Links Powered by Malickous. DS Roman Goodwin. Yuya Sakaki. Declan EDvil. Gong Strong. Zuzu Boyle. Yuma and Astral. Reginald "Shark" Kastle. Bronk Stone. Tori Meadows. Evil Hero Malicious Devil Tenjo.

Yuma and Astral Lvl Tori Meadows Lvl Bronk Stone Lvl Reginald Kastle Lvl Kite Tenjo Lvl 40 Farm Gate. Yuma Tsukumo. Flip Turner. Sera DSOD. Scud DSOD. Aigami DSOD. Aigami Lvl Yusei Fudo. Jack Atlas. Evul Hogan. Akiza Izinski. Officer Tetsu. DS Kalin Kessler.

DS Carly Carmine. DS Rex Goodwin. Carly Carmine. Kalin Kessler. Yusei Devi Lvl Jack Atlas Lvl Crow Lvl Akiza Maliious Leo Lvl Luna Lvl DS Kalin. DS Carly. Carly Carmine Lvl 40 Gate. Kalin Kessler Lvl 40 Gate. General discussion.

Vagabond trade. Deck advice. Duel room. PvP Best decks. Somali Pussy decks. Auto Duel. Tips for farming Malicios.


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If your opponent controls a monster, you can Tribute Summon this card with 1 Tribute.

Evil Hero Malicious Devil

Card descriptions. English. " Evil HERO Malicious Edge " + 1 Level 6 or higher Fiend monster. Must be Special Summoned with " Dark Fusion ". During your opponent's Battle Phase, Fakehostel monsters they control are changed to face-up Attack Position, and each monster they control must attack this . Eivl


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Evil HERO Malicious Devil. Rarity??. Attribute: FIRE: Types: Fiend / Fusion / Effect: Level: 8: ATK / DEF: / Effect type: Summoning condition; Continuous; Status: Not yet released "Evil HERO Malicious Edge" + 1 Level 6 or higher Fiend-Type monster Must be Special Summoned with "Dark Fusion" and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. During your opponent's Battle Phase, all ATK / DEF: /.