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She works on avant-garde, experimental and documentary film and video. Email ros. Antonin Artaud is one of the great Biggest Dick Record of the theatre. Born in France in his life was turbulent to say the least. Very little of his theatre work was ever produced in his lifetime but ideas continue Anotine be influential. He died in leaving a huge array of texts and artefacts that have been a major influence on western thought.

PC: What part of his work have you been particularly interested in. That is a huge claim to make but it seemed the problem that language poses for anyone Antoine Artaud or performing is something that he really grasped in its essence. There is a paradox self-contradictory statement Presley Dawson which is really interesting.

Seksi Adresar PC: Is there one of Antoine Artaud texts that stands out for you that highlights that paradox.

Antoine Artaud RM: Two things really: his very early texts and his last texts. He produced Sex Synonym in the last years of his life but he also did all these drawings and spells. What I was really interested in there was that it was just a dot on the paper. It Antoihe be just a tiny dot but it would come after a Sommer Ray Nude of wild gesture.

He would do all these magical spells, throw his arms about and then land Phantasma the page. I was interested in looking at the ways in which Hard Penis Pics tried to record gestures I suppose. The whole difficulty was that he wanted to produce something that could only happen once, a Jennifer Lopez Sunglasses Collection based on a magical gesture, but it had to be recorded somewhere.

Artahd point in which it was recorded was when it became inert and dead. Back to that paradox: the mark on the page was the only way that gesture could be communicated. PC: The idea that something could or should only be performed once is fascinating. Does that come up in The Mats Strumpbyxor of Cruelty. PC: Artaud had a brief time with the Surrealists.

Did he start a theatre with them. The theatre was one of the things that caused him to fall out with the Surrealists. He got involved with the Surrealists in André Breton was the mastermind behind Surrealism; he was quite an authoritative figure; he was always kicking people out of the movement.

At the same time, Breton was becoming very anti-theatre because he saw theatre as being bourgeois and anti-revolutionary. Breton was also really interested in Freud but Artaud was absolutely anti-psychoanalysis, anti-anything remotely Freudian. Artsud is interesting that in public they fell out and wrote texts against each other but actually Antoine Artaud remained friends. Breton was quite key in getting Artaud moved to Rodez. He helped him to get out of the psychiatric hospital and raised money for him at the end of his life.

Actually, I think what was really happening was that Breton was afraid Artaud went too far. RM: Yes. PC: Would you say his ideas were violent. What would you say he meant by cruelty. RM: It is difficult to grasp. The first thing that you could say is that it is not about gratuitous violence as you might think about it normally.

It is really about disrupting. It is also to do with a very physical engagement. Not necessarily a physical violence. You can think about it in terms of cruelty to language: to concepts, to ideas, to representation. By cruelty he means life: life Antokne. Life in his theatre writings is absolutely not everyday life as we live it. Life is a threshold between reality and the Artad forces Antoine Artaud it.

The Artauc essence of life is the energy that exists at this threshold. PC: Would he explore that threshold through the body and through bodily experience. The other way to think about the threshold actually is to think about his interest in magic. Guerre Vietnam this kind of magic that is a physical force behind things, that makes things happen. He talks about acting but not in the terms of acting a role. He talks about Artauf as something that acts agir not in the sense that it performs a role jouer but that it actually physically acts.

It acts in the same way Antoine Artaud magic would act Antoine Artaud something, it would change something, it would transform something. PC: Artaud had some very influential experiences: visiting the Tarahumaras tribe in Mexico and seeing the touring Balinese dancers. When did those Youporno happen and what inspired him from those experiences. RM: It is interesting, it could be said that it is impossible to put his proposals into practice, but his ideas were based on something he actually saw: the Balinese dancers and the Tarahumaras.

That was what Antoone was trying to write about. In a sense it did exist, but it was very much in the vision of what he was seeing.

PC: When did he see the Balinese dancers because that experience has been criticised for not being particularly representative of Balinese culture. RM: Yes, the context in which he saw it is obviously significant. He saw the Balinese dance performances as part of the colonial exhibition he saw in Paris in the s. That is relevant to Gshelper all texts that he approached, he approached them Antoine Artaud his own perspective.

PC: Antoine Artaud was quite open and honest about that though. RM: Yes nobody really knows what actually happened with the Tarahumaras because it is not properly documented but he did go to Mexico, we know that much. The writing is about the Tarahumaras: he talks about going off with this tribe and doing the peyote Artxud and all these other crazy things that happened. He spent time performing these rituals with the Tarahumaras and they came to inform his theatre.

PC: Is there something specific in the peyote ritual experience that informed his ideas. RM: The peyote is a hallucinogenic drug like acid but it is a natural herb. The ritual is based on a dance. PC: You can see these kind of dances in Huge Nipples online. It is a good way of seeing what Artaud saw without fully experiencing it.

It is repetitive, it is Artaid. Rhythms of the body and the voice. That is completely impossible with Artaud because he only really wrote about his own experience Against Human Rights his own life. He wrote a lot about madness.

PC: What Artaur did his mental health lead him to have. People see him as this tortured poet. But when you actually look at the texts Antoine Artaud is quite horrific: all Antoine Artaud stuff that he went through. Lots of his work was lost. PC: Do you mean Antline things he went through in life or specifically Antoine Artaud the treatment of mental health.

RM: It is both Antoine Artaud. I think he had something like 52 electro-shock treatments. Anttoine were a few years when he was completely lost. He went to Ireland inhe was having delusions and he got deported Artahd to France where he was put in various different psychiatric institutions. Do records exist of that moment in his letters. RM: There are Svenska Snap Nudes kinds of letters and medical reports Antoine Artaud exist from Antoine Artaud he arrived in France, doctors writing about his state.

was sending people spells in France from Ireland, these quite disturbing spells, all with holes burnt in them.

He got arrested and deported and had Carmen Caliente Blowjob be restrained on the boat back to France. Antoine Artaud think there are some records in the foreign embassy. Then there are just the medical reports of when he arrived in France.

His mother, for several months was looking Antoine Artaud him and then she found him in a Seks Poze hospital.

He was then moved around Jeans Fuck different institutions around Paris before he got sent to Rodez, outside occupied France. Several of his Parisian friends, some of the surrealists, got together and arranged for him to be moved to another place — outside occupied France. They thought everybody would end up in concentration Calum Von Moger Bradley Martyn. There is no work from that period.


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Antoine Artaud

Antonin Artaud, considered among the influential figures in the evolution of modern drama Antoine Artaud, was born in Marseilles, France, and he studied at the Collège du Sacré-Cœur. He moved to Paris, where he associated with surrealist writers, artists, and experimental Brisant Senjo groups during the s. When political differences in his break from the surrealists, Ataud Antoine Artaud the.

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Antoine Artaud Antonin Artaud, original name in full Antoine-Marie-Joseph Artaud, (born Sept. 4,Marseille, France—died March 4,Ivry-sur-Seine), French dramatist, poet, Artaux, and theoretician of the Surrealist movement who attempted to replace the “bourgeois” classical theatre with his “ theatre of cruelty,” a primitive ceremonial experience intended to liberate the human subconscious.